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The International Science Schools Network was formally launched in August 2014 in Moscow, Russia, and the 11th staging of the International Students Science Fair. This annual event has been co-ordinated by a global collective of specialist science secondary schools who agreed in 2005 to collaborate for the benefit of their own students, as well as promoting the importance of science and STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) education in their own countries and internationally. The schools have recognised that high quality education and innovation in STEM hold an important key to the successful and sustainable future of our countries and our planet, and that international collaboration will provide a platform which will enable all of our students to work towards this goal. The schools decided to join in support of excellence in science education on a global scale, and hence voted unanimously for the formation of this new network, the International Science Schools Network (ISSN), whose logo appears at the top of this document.

Any school wishing to join the ISSN must be able to clearly demonstrate they align with the mission of the ISSN, will uphold its values, and support the achievement of its goals.

Application Process

Schools wishing to join the ISSN must complete each of the following sections, and are welcome to attach any documents in support of their case as they can. The application should then be forwarded to Mr. Peter Corkill, the Principal of the John Monash Science School, one of six schools currently on the Executive Working Group of the ISSN, and responsible for membership applications to the ISSN.

The relevant email is:

Application to Join the ISSN

Application to Upgrade Membership within the ISSN

ISSN Operating Procedures