QASMT have recently hosted an exchange visit for a teacher from Kamnoetvidya Science Academy School. Here  Dr. Adis Khetubol reports on his visit.

“Our school, Kamnoetvidya Science Academy School (KVIS), is located in the Rayong province of Thailand. KVIS was established in 2013 and began the first academic year in 2015. In this upcoming semester (May 2017), we will have our first Year 12 students and a total of 216 students. KVIS is a full boarding school providing education with special emphasis on mathematics, science and technology. KVIS is currently teaching three subjects: physics, chemistry and biology entirely in English. All other subjects except Thai Language classes mainly use English. In the three years of the program, the students must attend English intensive courses and pass a standard test in the final year as one of the requirements for the graduation. In a few years, we are hoping to become a science school with all subjects taught in English (again except Thai Language classes). We also have a school wide focus in developing the students’ research skills. As one requirement, all the students must complete at least one scientific project either in a group or individually before the end of the third year.

I began my career as a physics teacher at KVIS in January 2016. After years studying and living in Europe where I attained a M.Sc. (physics, Sweden) and a D.Sc. (chemistry, Belgium) I returned to my home country. I did not expect at first to become a teacher as my past experience was in specialized research.

KVIS is a new school and most of the academic staff do not have extensive experience in teaching. In addition, we attempt to optimize our curriculum to fit a regular Thai curriculum and at the same time to be competitive with high-standard international programs. Therefore, we have sent our staff and students all over the world to the USA, Netherlands, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong, to learn from other science schools and to establish international collaborations. This is the reason I was sent to QASMT- one of the most successful science schools in Australia.

It is my first experience in Australia and to work in an international environment. It is a friendlier and a warmer atmosphere compared to my past experiences in the European countries. I was introduced to the IB-programme which has very interesting characteristics, “Growing from the standard to advance”, and, “High conceptual strength”. Thanks to a very kind welcome and support from the physics team, Kirsten Hogg, Paul Hunter and Helen Bebbington, I have opportunities to attend many classes at different year levels and participate in all important     academic activities with the students including lectures, demonstrations, laboratory experiments, exams and even teaching in the class by myself. These are not only very useful experiences, but it is also gives me a great direction and motivation to improve my teaching as well as strengthening my confidence to continue in this career.

Besides the academic part, I also had wonderful experiences during the holiday period in Brisbane. Nice food, nice scenery as well as very cute koalas and kangaroos. Great memories that I will be able to share with others in Thailand, including my students. I also really appreciate Kirsten and her lovely family for the very nice Anzac day trip to Nudgee beach, Mount Coot-tha and Paddington for a tasty lunch.”

Dr. Adis Khetubol