IMSA are hosting ISSF in 2018.

At present, we are undertaking a number of research projects in a variety of areas.  These areas include:

  • Determination of motivation to go into STEM of highly motivated students at specialized science schools.
  • Investigations of environmental pollutants using a fruit fly model
  • Development of water resources using entrochemical systems
  • An investigation of geoengineering options to mitigate climate change
  • Development of novel epidemiology models
  • Oral histories of specific populations of people (planning)
  • Development of water filtration solutions ready for the developing world.
  • Development of novel OLED molecules and processes
  • Development of swarm engineering theory and applications

and others.  These projects are led by PhD level faculty here at IMSA.  We are quite open to collaboration and encourage partner schools to reach out to develop, with us, meaningful collaborations on these projects and others that might be under way locally.