International Schools Science Network

The International Science Schools Network

The ISSN has been created by the Schools that have been involved in organising, leading and promoting the renowned ISSF (International Schools Science Fair) since 2005. The ISSN was proposed and agreed by schools at the ISSF in Moscow in 2014.

Engaging students in the wonders of science, mathematics and technologies

The purpose of the ISSN is to establish an identity as a collaborative and influential body of schools that speaks clearly to a wide range of audiences about the nature, purpose and significance of the network and it’s capacity to be a forum in promoting leading edge science education on a global scale. We define ‘science’ as including science, mathematics and technologies.


The goals of the International Science Schools Network are to:

Engage students with an understanding of the significant global issues in science; Empower students to meet significant social challenges from the perspective of global scientific collaboration; Enable students to explore science as human endeavour; Inspire students to take action to address the important global issues of our time; Build a global community of young scientists empowered to use their scientific knowledge and understanding in a purposeful and ethical manner; Prepare young people to be the future science leaders of our world; Connect young scientists with leading science researchers and practitioners around the world; Model the way real scientists work in the global community; Promote inclusive STEM education by supporting schools to participate in the work of the International Science Schools Network, in partnership with appropriate organisations.

The Values of the International Science Schools Network are:

RESPECT: for the cultural diversity, values, traditions, beliefs and expertise brought to the ISSN by each member school;

COLLABORATION: in good faith, with all partner schools, we share our expertise, ideas and, where appropriate, resources, for the benefit of all our students and the promotion of excellence in science awareness and education more globally;

SUPPORT: for each member school, to allow opportunities which might otherwise be inaccessible;

SENSE OF COMMUNITY: built to allow us to have a reasoned and credible voice for the purpose of the continued advancement of science and science education across the world.

Information on how to get involved with the ISSN is here.