ISSF 2016, hosted by NUS High School of Math and Science was a wonderful event.


An opportunity for students and educators from across the wold to come together to enjoy a stimulating and challenging programme of events, workshops and lectures together, and to collaborate and share their work.


Students enjoyed a huge range of opportunities, from workshops, lab based activities and challenges to lectures and cultural experiences.


nobel-experience-workshop-at-issf-2016 nus-school-tour-issf-2016

Students also displayed their own work in the poster displays. Some of the work that was showcased is here:

Anderson Junior College poster

Anderson Junior College 2

Australian School of Maths and Science

Camborne Science and International Academy

John Monash Science School 1

John Monash Science School 2

Jurong Junior College

Kamnoetvidya Science Academy

Korea Science Academy 1

Korea Science Academy 2

Korea Science Academy 3

Lewiston-Porter High School

Mahidol Wittayanusorn School

Moscow Chemical Lyceum 1

Moscow Chemical Lyceum 2

Moscow Chemical Lyceum 3

National Junior College 1

National Junior College 2

National Junior College 3

NUS High School of Math and Science

Philipine Science High School 1

Philipine Science High School 2

Queensland Academies 1

Queensland Academies 2

Queensland Academies 3

Raffles Institute


School of Science and Technology 1

School of Science and Technology 2


And when it was all over, it was time to hand over to the next hosts; the Korea Science Academy of KAIST. See you in 2017!