Escaping the dreary UK winter, two teachers and seven students from Camborne Science and International Academy, UK were lucky enough to attend educational and cultural activities under the student exchange program at Mahidol Wittayanusorn School in Thailand during 1-10 November 2016.



The students had a wonderful time; as you can read in their comments below.

Alex G – This exchange trip has been phenomenal. I am so grateful that our school offers such an amazing International Programme that means I can experience a country as wonderful as Thailand. My buddy, Mil, was so kind and generous, and my favourite part of our trip was the time I spent with her. She showed me so much about Thai culture, Buddhism and their food and I can’t wait to one day return to such a colourful, beautiful country!

Molly C – Going to Thailand was such an incredible experience. I really enjoyed seeing new places with my buddy and I learned so many new things about Thai culture. On one of the days, I went to the ‘Ancient City’ which was just incredible. There were many temples and examples of Thai architecture and I really loved every minute I was there. It was a great day spent with my buddy, which I will always remember. I really enjoyed trying new food which was really delicious, my favourite dish was ‘Mango Sticky Rice’. I really recommend this trip to all students as its such an incredible experience that I will never forget.

James R – Going to Thailand was the best experience of my life so far. I particularly enjoyed the floating market because there are so many things going on at the same time, there was an amazing atmosphere with lots of hustle and bustle. There were lots of sights and sounds such as paddle boats with motors on them and people trying to sell you things from every side. I highly recommend considering going on this trip because it is so much fun and you will make so many new international friends at MWITS high school.

Maddie J – The Thailand trip has been one of the most amazing experiences I will ever have. All the students, teachers and other people we met along the way have all been so welcoming and friendly. We learnt so many things while in Thailand about their culture and way of living; we even learnt Thai Boxing and Thai classical dancing! Some of the places we visited are unique to Thailand so it was truly incredible to see things like a floating market, Buddhist temples and an elephant show. This trip is probably one of the best school trips and I would love to go again (I have been invited back by my buddy as well and I know we will see each other again in the future).

Katie TC – The Thailand trip is probably one of the best trips the school offers and I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to visit such a spectacular country. The trip included a variety of different activities. My favourite was probably visiting the MBK shopping mall, which had over 8 floors of fascinating market stalls and a variety of colourful Thai shops! I highly recommend this trip to anyone , it is such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go there again! I have made life long friendships and have many memories which I will never forget , the people are so friendly and caring and I really hope others get a chance to have the same experience I did.

Maya M – Going to Thailand was such an amazing opportunity, not only to learn about their culture, but to meet new people and make lifelong friendships.  One of the many activities that we were able to do was the elephant show in Pattaya. This was one of my favourite activities where the elephants demonstrated a range of complicated and complex skills like painting, football, basketball, darts and even massages. I loved the fact that we could feed the elephants after they had performed their tricks because then they were being rewarded for performing it. We also had the opportunity to have photos with them where we could meet them and even ride them which was very fun. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Thailand, with its bright and colourful atmosphere and I would definitely recommend it to any students who want to join the International Programme but are not sure which country they would like to visit.

Thank you to MWITs for such a wonderful visit.