St.-Odulphus  is a secondary pre-university high school in Tilburg in the Netherlands that boasts a long history and many traditions. Founded in 1899 as a gymnasium, over the years our school has prepared our students for a successful stay at university and a fulfilling participation in society. Our school’s coat of arms shows our slogan “Fortis in Fide”,  which translates in English as “Strong in Faith”. This motto represents the faith and trust that we put in our students’ intellectual capacities, but also our confidence in their strife to get ahead in life. We as St.-Odulphus Secondary are fully aware of that fact that we are to prepare our students for a job that need not necessarily be confined to the Netherlands. Therefore, St.-Odulphus Secondary has incorporated into our mission statement the aim of preparing our students for their role in the future  global community. Ever since 2012, we have been working hard to realise this ambition and making it a pillar of our school. We believe that, apart from improving the level of education in general, student exchanges and science fairs will provide our students with international experience that will prove very valuable later in life. In order to enable our students to gain these experiences, we have set up an internationalisation program that covers several years. Our activities in this field start with exchanges with 7 EU countries for our 14-15 year old students.  For our 15-16 year old students, we provide 4 group trips to countries in the EU and a student exchange with ISSN member Manzoumeh Kherad Institute in Iran.  Our 16-17 year old students are given the opportunity to do voluntary work at a school in India or participate in a student exchange with 2 schools in China or a school on Aruba. Moreover, our 17-18 year old students can take part in a student exchange with ISSN member KVIS in Thailand and in several science fairs, such as ‘Water is life’, the JSSF and of course the ISSF. Apart from participating in science fairs, we would also like to expand our network with other partners in order to be able to offer new possibilities of collaboration and research to both our students and teachers in the years to come. Our provisional membership of the ISSN is “the jewel in our internationalisation crown”, so to speak,  and we take great pride in being part of such an innovative and capable network. We are very much looking forward to meeting you during one of the fairs!

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