It’s been a busy morning for the students from CSIA, Mrs. Dower and Dr. Foster who are accompanying them on the exchange visit. After an early start, we gathered in the National Junior College Atrium for assembly. Two thousand students and staff from NJC were gathered below in Parade Square. The students stood to sing the National Anthem and the NJC School song as the Singapore and school flags were raised.

We were then ushered to the podium, and introduced to the school. Kathryn gave a very eloquent short speech about how much we valued the hospitality of the school, thanking the host families and looking forward to working on the collaboration with the NJC students.

We than had a tour of this wonderful school given by Fei Ding, one of the student leaders who is participating in the NJC collaboration. The picture above shows the students with their buddies from NJC in the NJC Library.

The students are now hard at work in the Sigma Research lab, continuing the collaborative projects on moths and butterflies and background radiation.